Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye to the Ghastlies... for now!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to say goodbye to our Ghastlies blog hop.  I know we will treasure each and every moment we have shared together and carry the memories of these awesome projects with us.  But we never really say goodbye because Alexander Henry is keeping the good times rolling with their latest addition to the Ghastly family: )

Happy days are here again!  The pregnant Rosemary (my name for her) with her baby carriage, the gossiping Mabel & Mildred, the creepy wallpaper prints.  But what is happening with that veiled witch and her pet?  I shudder at the possibilities! 

I have been blown away by the unbelievable creativity of all my Ghastlie Sistahs not to mention their amazing ability to produce. Truly sick; ) It is impossible to pay tribute to this hop without recognizing the important role that the marvelous Madame Samm played in organizing us so well.  She has touched so many lives and left Quiltworld a better place.  Today is her day so you definitely want to check her out.

Until we quilt again...
Monday, October 24th 

 Tuesday October 25th 

Wednesday October 26th     

 Thursday October 27th 

           Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              

Friday October 28th 
Monday October 31st
 Tuesday November 1st 

 Wednesday November 2nd
Thursday November 3rd
 Friday November 4th


  1. Oh, Ali -- THANKS for sharing a sneak peek of next year's Ghastlies!! They're so.... Ghastlie! Yes, it does not surprise me that you were mugged at Quilt Festival for your adorable Ghastlie Bag! So fun!

  2. Oh wow....wonderful fabrics....and yes..thanks to Madame Samm and to everyone who was awesome!

  3. Ali, Thanks for sharing!! Looks like next year they have gone a little bit more family, and out with the needles~

    Huggs, Nancy

  4. ohhh not Angie...sorry ALICE you did this...I LOVE the photos..oh my goodness yes I want to do this again with this fabric lol any indication when it was going to be out?

  5. Oh my, how ghastlie that there are new designs to this line! Your summation for the blog hop is really fun especially with the photo!

  6. Great post, fabulous sneaky peak of what to expect for next year, we can all start planning and playing early, and make the next blog hop even more special with our wonderful MS leading the way!

  7. LOVE the sneak peek of the new fabrics to come! Can't wait!!!!