Monday, October 31, 2011

OMG (Oh My Ghastlies)!

OMG!  I got so much love for my Ghastlies bag at Quilt Market!  It is amazing how many people adore this fabric.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture but another woman was wearing a Ghastlies dress she had made from the orange colorway.  Obviously a kindred spirit;- ) 

I also met the adorable Thimbleanna, whom I credit with saving my marriage. She spotted my bag at Sample Spree and we bonded over our love of the Ghastlies.  You absolutely need to check out her amazing Ghastlies quilts!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop and chat!  It was so fun meeting all of you and I hope you're reading this now!  For those of you who weren't there I'll be posting more highlights this week.  I can't believe how many "Quilt Stars" I got to meet and how incredibly gracious they all were about posing for pictures and listening to me gush.

OMG!!  The Ghastlies are going to get even ghastlier next year.  I'll have more sneak peeks of the newest additions to the Ghastlies family, expected in April 2012.  Sebastian will be up to his old tricks and there are some fabulous coordinates!  The award winning Alexander Henry booth was amazing and rumor has it today their team will be dressed up as the Ghastlies for Halloween.  I'm going to be looking for pictures of that!

OMG!!!  It is already week 2 of the Ghastlies Blog Hop.  I don't know what is more amazing, the unbelievable creativity of these projects or the sheer volume of what has been created.  Absolutely to die for so get hopping and check it out for yourself!
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  1. What glorious news on the Ghastlies front! Also, thank you for reporting from Quilt Market. I am glad you are having a super time.

  2. Thanks for the Ghastly news. I will be putting that on my calendar so I get in early on the fun.

  3. I've just found this blog hop so am making my way through the posts from the beginning. I just wanted to say I LOVE your quilt! And the bag is very cool too. Today is the first I was aware of this fabric line so now I have to go snaffle some up. But your sneak peek makes my heart go pitty pat - I love the idea of a line that gets refreshed every year :). Good to know it won't run out any time soon.

  4. Oh no.. I am going to be busy next year! Thanks for sharing! Ms. Carrie Ghastlie