Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pillow Party

We were so lucky to have fabulous weather this weekend for opening up our camp in Maine!  When we bought the place it came furnished with all these dark poly-blend rust, olive and brown plaids.  I should really dig up a before picture, soooo not my style.  Last summer I got really ambitious and tackled fitted slipcovers for both couches.  Unfortunately, while they may look better, these are still the most uncomfortable couches on earth.  Definitely in need of some throw pillows!  I managed to get the first set done, Sweet n Shabby Woven Pillows by Jen Duncan over at Moda Bake Shop made with a Nature's Notebook honeybun.  I can't decide where I like them better: on the couch or on the porch: )

Sunday, May 15, 2011


No, I'm not going to talk about Kate & Wills.  It just seemed like the perfect word to describe where I'm at... stuck in the middle.  No exciting new beginnings or finally finished projects, just lots of progress.  The weather here was rather dreary so it made for a productive week.  I'd already finished piecing the top of my watercolor quilt so I got the back together.  I tried to mix some wonky bits with the straight seams so the schools of fish looked like they were swimming across the back.  I'm scheduled to go longarm this in June but it's small enough that I'm wondering if I shouldn't just quilt it on my home machine.

After that I worked on piecing together all those Fig Tree HSTs.  I've got 5 of the 9 blocks put together but after laying it out on a bed I decided it's not quite big enough.  I'm going to add another row to the top and bottom and probably on both sides also.  I've ordered a Strawberry Fields charm pack which I'm hoping will also mix in nicely.  Until then this is on hold.  I'd want to have as many loose blocks as possible for mixing in something new... it makes getting that scrappy, random look much easier.

Finally, I put together all the rows for my Sherbet Pips zig-zag.  I decided I want this to be big enough for my daughter's full-sized bed so I'm going to add some borders.  I've still got a layer cake so I'm playing with a few different ideas.  For now I want to float the zig-zags on the pink so I need to add setting triangles to the sides before I sew the rows together.

Whew, I have been busy!  Not sure I'll be as productive in the coming months, looking at my calendar there's going to be a lot less time for quilting, or maybe that's sleeping;-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

To be continued?

Once upon a time my daughter was obsessed with this raincoat.  We went through a very long phase where she wore it constantly, rain or shine.  I can't blame her, this is my all-time favorite Gymboree print and it inspired me with a vision for a quilt.  Of course I'm me so it had to be pink and green: )  I had the perfect background, Sunday in the Park by Piece o' Cake, but only 1 yard so this would have to be a rather small quilt.  If this ever comes back in print I will buy them out.  It goes with everything!  Then began an endless quest for the elusive, perfect pink gingham. 

Many yards later and after carefully prepping all the appliques  I started dragging this around while I hand appliqued the flowers and their centers.  Then I moved on to hand quilting all those flowers and their centers.  This quilt has been everywhere!  More time passed and I got the binding on and hand tacked it down.  Finally, finally this quilt was done! 

Or is it?  The more I look at it I think it needs more quilting.  Maybe just some smaller flowers outlined in the open spaces...  Do I keep quilting or declare it done?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Beginings, Middles & Ends

I'm so inspired by my latest batch of fabric, a swap from Laurie @ Dodging the Butterfly.  You know it's a good swap when we both think we got the better end of the deal.  Obviously they won't all go in the same quilt but I can't wait to start using these.

Before that I need to make some more progress on my current WIPs.  I'm waiting on backing fabric to get to the quilting on the Pure Boy and Watercolor quilts.  I'm not sure I've got enough Fig Tree HSTs for a full quilt so I'll have to make some more of those and I've been working on my Sherbet Pips quilt, another jellyroll zig zag.  I've got all my squares pieced and just need to start putting the rows together. 

And finally, my finished Love quilt.  Bound, washed and ready to be loved: )