Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Catching Up

 Remember when WIP Wednesday was a thing.  I'm not likely to bring it back anytime soon but I do miss having a weekly check-in where I at least thought about what I'd accomplished craftwise each week.  Things are operating at a much slower pace here these days but I have been working on a few things...

I joined up with the #irishchainsewcial to make A Crafty Fox Amanda's Limerick quilt.  I didn't really stay on track with the SAL nor did I get this done in time for St. Patrick's Day but I do have a finished flimsy and now that I was finally able to track down some Dream Bamboo batting I just need to put together a back and baste this.

Speaking of basting (my least favorite part of the quilting process!), I basted the Double Wedding Ring top I made in Tara Faughnan's class so it's all ready for quilting.

On the quilting front, I pulled my City Sampler back out and have managed to quilt a few more blocks.  I spend a lot of time just trying to decide which block to do next, what thread color to use, and how I'm going to quilt it so I'm trying to get better organized and come up with a system.  I've got 40 blocks quilted so I'm almost to the half way point.

And since I made progress on so many WIPs I gave myself permission to start something new.  I'm so excited to cut into these bundles of Heather Ross Malibu and coordinating Ruby + Bee solids.