Wednesday, October 31, 2012

W.i.P Wednesday: A Rather Ghastly Halloween

I hope you're having a Ghastly good time this Halloween!!!
Hurricane Preparedness Plan
I got some extra sewing time this week thanks to Super Storm Sandy.  I was ready in case the power did go out cutting out stacks of hexies for the Hexy MF Quiltalong.  Better late than never:-)  I started with this stack of Emily Taylor's new line Avignon but I'll be adding lots more things to it.

We were lucky, our power stayed on and our worst mishap was running out of popcorn.  Since my machine was still running I finally got back to my long neglected Victory Garden Quilt and started sewing on the sashing.  I can't wait to see this one all together!!!

Today is the final day to link up at the Ghastly Gathering!  Everyone who joins is entered in my trick or treat giveaway.  I will draw 3 names.  One lucky winner will receive this vintage Unhappy Hour panel...  the other 2 will receive a trick or a treat;-)  And there's still time to enter the Ghastly Giveaway at OCD: obsessive crafting disorder.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Cracking Up

I always love the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  There is just so much creativity in the quilting world and it is fabulous to see it all showcased in one place.  With it wrapping up on Halloween the timing was perfect for me to show off my latest Ghastly creation.

I'm absolutely obsessed with the Ghastlies but I thought I was really cracking up with this one... This quilt started out as something different but the Ghastly Angle fabric reminded me of how in the "old days" the TV signal would cut out and that lead to me cutting up a perfectly good strip quilt:-)  You can check out my tutorial for more about how I did it.

I also planned (and made) the back as something completely different but then I found this fabulous Alexander Henry City Stars & Lights fabric and had to use it.  Technically it not Ghastly but it coordinates perfectly and I just the little pink hearts!

I didn't want to detract from the prints so I just did simple outline quilting around the panels.  If I'd seen Kristie's awesome spiderweb quilting tutorial in time it would probably be covered in cobwebs right now;-)

A Ghastly Gathering!
For more Ghastly inspiration check out my Ghastly Gathering.

Amy's Creative Side
Quilt Stats:

Finished quilt is 54" x 60"

Fabrics:  From the Ghastlies collections by Alexander Henry.
Batting:  Quilter's Dream Orient
Thread:  King Tut Rosetta Stone 978
Best Blogger's Quilt Festival Categories : Throw Quilt, Home Machine Quilted

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gaga for Ghastlies- Now with extended bonus hours!!!

Today brought a cold, wet end to this year's cheerleading season.  Luckily, I had my Cracking Up quilt to keep me warm while I tacked the binding.  As you might imagine, quilting in the rain at a football game invites a lot of questions.  I was talking about how much I LOVE the Ghastlies and realized I wasn't ready for the fun to end so I decided to keep it going until Halloween. Which means...

You can still go comment on OCD: obsessive crafting disorder's awesome spiderweb quilting tutorial and be entered to win this amazing collection of Ghastlies fabrics.

AND there's still time to add your Ghastly thing to the Ghastly Gathering.  There just might be another giveaway coming for those who do;-)  I'm also offering a bounty to anyone at Quilt Market who can get me a sneak peak of the next Ghastly collection.  I'll make it worth your while!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Spiderweb Quilting Tute by OCD: Obsessive Crafting Disorder

Today the awesomely amazing Kristie of OCD: obsessive crafting disorder has a fabulous tutorial on spiderweb quilting.  I think Kristie might be as obsessed with the Ghastlies as me;-)

You know you're going to check it out anyway but while you're there leave a comment on Kristie's blog and be entered to win this Ghastly quartet.  There are 3 fat quarters of Ghastlies prints plus a half yard of the Ghastly Family Reunion print.  Comment by midnight Sunday, October 28th, winner announced Monday.

It's not too late!  You can still join the Ghastly Gathering and share your Ghastly creation!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

W.i.P Thursday... 'cause sometimes that's when it happens

This has been a week where nothing goes as planned...

I did manage to finish those 3 top secret quilts.  Unfortunately I still can't reveal them but if I don't blog about it it's like it never happened.  I promise not to mention them again until I can show them off! 

I planned to baste my Cracking Up quilt at this month's BMQG meeting with bonus extended sewing time.  I was so careful packing up everything I would need...  batting, scissors, masking tape, safety pins, safety pin closer.  The lovely Lia even offered to help me, now that's a good friend!  Only problem, I forgot the quilt at home on my design wall where it wouldn't get wrinkled.  So I had to roll up the rug again and do it myself.  At least it's done now and I can get quilting!
Speaking of Ghastly things, be sure to stop by tomorrow for a surprise guest post and more chances to win. There's still time to link up your Ghastly creations at the Ghastly Gathering! I'm dying to see what you've made;-)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ghastly Portraits How-To

One of my favorite ways to use the Ghastlies prints has been to frame them like pictures and use them to decorate. Last year I made this set which I stuck to these quilted covers I made for the pictures in my entry way.

At Quilter's Way they had the brilliant idea to attach them to Lucite frames.
And lately I've just been sticking them up around my house.  Here are some tips if you want to make your own...

I'm addicted to Decor-Bond (Pellon #809).  I find these are just a bit crisper if I start by fusing some to the wrong side of my fabric.  Then I layer it with batting, a great way to use up scraps, but don't bother with a backing.  When you cut out your image remember that you will lose about 1/4" on all sides to the seam allowance. 
I cut my bindings in a variety of widths between 2" and 3".  If you are going to make round or irregularly shaped pictures you will definitely want to use bias binding and a thinner binding will be easier to turn. 

Fold your binding in half and attach like you are binding a quilt, mitering your corners.  With a wider binding you can increase your seam allowance to make a thicker frame.  Turn your binding to the back and tack but don't worry about covering your sewing line.

Make a few more... you can never have too many family portraits!

One week left to link up at the Ghastly Gathering.  Halloween will be here before you know it so finish up those Ghastly things:-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

And the winner is...

Congratulations to the fabulous Kristie at ocd: obsessive crafting disorder.  Her quilt is stunning, the yellow really pops!  I'll be sending her the Ghastly Fat Quarter pack so she can create even more Ghastly things:-)

There's still time to link up at the Ghastly Gathering and more prizes to win!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

W.i.P Wednesday: In a Bind

3 Quilts.  740" of binding.  Hard deadline: noon Saturday!

There's still time to be entered to win this fabulous fat quarter pack!!!  Just link up at the Ghastly Gathering by midnight tonight.  Winner announced tomorrow.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, I didn't spend this weekend at Sewing Summit but I pretended I was there;-)  Friday night I joined the lovely ladies of the BMQG for some sewing & shopping at the fabulous Gather Here Sewing Lounge.  I had backings on my mind and I found this perfect Alexander Henry print for the back of my Cracking Up quilt.

Saturday Audrey and I hit the Rising Stars Quilt Show and indulged in a little more retail therapy at the Sew Fresh booth.  We are now ready for some holiday gift making!

With all that inspiration I went nuts and made the backs, basted and quilted both my top secret projects.  I can't show you the quilts but here are the bindings I'll be tack, tack, tacking down this week:-)

Don't forget, I'm giving away this fat quarter four pack just for linking up at the Ghastly Gathering by midnight, Wednesday 10/17.  Winner will be announced on Thursday!

Linking up with amylouwho for #notgoingtosewingsummit

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cracking Up Quilt Tutorial

Something about the new Ghastly Angle print makes me think I'm going crazy and when I started slicing apart a perfectly good quilt top I knewI was really cracking up... and that just cracked me up:-)
Finished Size 54" x 60"

Cut the following:
As much as I love these Ghastlies prints they can be tough to work with.  You really have to pay attention to where you cut to capture your favorite motifs.  For this I used three readily available prints: Ghastly Night, A Ghastly Family Reunion, and the Ghastlies.  Each one has about a 12" repeat but here is how I cut each one to best utilize the print.

Ghastly Night is the easiest to work with because it doesn't nest the motifs.  Cut 1 strip roughly 12 1/2" x wof.  I cut both edges along the top of the door.
I wanted a wider band in the center so the Family Reunion strip is roughly 16 1/2" x wof.  At the top I cut 1/4" above Duchess Kate's hat.  On the bottom edge I cut 1/2" below Mabel's shoe.  Hopefully you can see what I mean in the picture. 

With the Ghastlies I wanted to cut so that Edward the Vampire would be in the center.  I cut 1/2" below the foot of the Vampire on the right and 1/2" below the foot of the Vampire in the center for a 12 1/2" strip.

Bramble - 2/3 yd.
(7) 1 1/2" x wof for Sashing
(5) 2 1/2" x wof for outer Borders

Ghastly Forest - 1/2 yd.
(2) 6 1/2" x wof

A Ghastly Angle - 2 yds.
(1) 6 1/2" x 64"

Seam allowance 1/4"

Make Vertical Sashing & Border Strips:
Cut one of the 1 1/2" Sashing strips in half.  Join each half to the end of another 1 1/2" Sashing strip so you now have two Vertical Sashing strips that measure roughly 1 1/2" x 64".  Do the same to create two 2 1/2" x 64" Vertical Border Strips.

Make Vertical Panel:
Sew the 1 1/2" wide Vertical Sashing strips to each side long side of the 6 1/2" x 64" strip.  Trim the top and bottom edges if necessary.

Assemble the Top:
Sew a Sashing or Border strip to the top of each printed strip according to the picture above.  Add a Border strip to the bottom edge of the last print strip.  Join the rows to create a single Quilt Panel.

I left the selvages on my strips as I sewed them together so now I needed to square up the sides.  Also you need to measure your quilt vertically and write down that measurement.
Find a good spot to split the Quilt Panel vertically about 1/3 of the way from the right side of the panel.  For me this was at 12 1/4".  Take a deep breath because you're about to cut up a perfectly nice strip quilt:-)  Cut the panel vertically at that point. 

Trim you Vertical Panel to the length of your finished Quilt Panel.  Sew the Vertical Panel between the two sides of your Quilt Panel and you're done!

Got something Ghastly you've made?  Link up at the Ghastly Gathering and be entered to win these 4 Ghastly fat quarters.  Winner will be selected Wednesday 10/17/12. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

W.i.P Wednesday: Sewing Stay-cation

This month has been busy so I haven't had much time to sew. Fortunately my DH took pity on my and gave me a sewing stay-cation this weekend. The weekend kicked off Friday afternoon with a trip to Quilter's Way to gather supplies... and a little stashing for inspiration;-)

On my way home I picked up pizza and a video for the kids and abandoned my family to quilt one of those top secret projects I've been putting off for way too long.  Before Twilight was over I had it quilted and the binding on.

Saturday DH took the kids to Maine leaving me with an entire day to myself!  I put it to good use and finished piecing the back for my Urban Windows quilt.  I might like it better than the front.

Of course the weekend wouldn't have been complete without working on something Ghastly;-)  I got started on this before the plague caught up with me and curtailed my fun.  You know it's bad when you're too sick to sew!  The Ghastly Gathering is now open so don't forget to go link up anything Ghastly you've made.  I'll be announcing the first giveaway on Friday.  The earlier you link up the more chances to win!

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