Monday, November 7, 2011

Quilt Market Recap - Day 1

I always wondered why people didn't post more, reporter style, from market...  Now I know, exhaustion!  So much going on!!!  I started this while I was there but never got finished but I'll just go with it.  Better late than never, you guys aren't sick of hearing about market yet are you?  Here's a brief glimpse of our first day...

I am in total quilting geek mode with all these quilt stars hanging around.  I rode up to my room with the lovely Tula Pink and also spotted Aneela Hoey checking in at the Hilton.  Tula Pink was actually in the room right across the hall from me and I sooo wanted to sneak in to fondle her quilts and get a glimpse of Nightshade.  Right off we ran into V&Co. and Rachel of p.s. i quilt.  I'm pretty sure they notified security of my presence: )

We started with some of the Schoolhouse series:  Here's the amazing Anna Maria Horner with some quilts she did in voile.  You just have to touch them!  She's got so much going on with her new fabric line coming out in quilting cotton, flannel, velveteen, voile, cotton sateen, and laminated cotton.  Plus there's her new patterns, stitchery and needlepoint patterns, and I'm really excited about her pre-made bias bindings.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't sleep: )

Coming out of another session we were given some cute bags but then I saw that other people were getting Castle Peeps bags.  I asked if I could trade and Quilt Dad, who really stands out in a crowd, offered to trade with me.  Thanks Quilt Dad!

I then immediately ran in to the fabulous Lizzy House and gushed to her how I got "her" bag.  I'm pretty sure she's got the papers ready for the restraining order.  What I meant to say, "Your quilts are fabulous and I hope you continue designing such awesome fabric: )"

Following that, I almost tripped over the lovely Melody Miller.  Once I realized who she was I totally embarrased my friend by asking her for a picture with Rebecca, her biggest fan, to which Melody graciously agreed.  She even gave us each a fat quarter of her fabric though that may have just been to distract us while she made a run for it: ) 

I was totally impressed with Joanna Figueroa's schoolhouse presentation (assisted by Aneela Hoey).  Her new collection is beautiful!  I wish I could better remember what she said but the point she was making was that the quilting industry as a whole needs to be embracing the needs of younger/modern quilters.  Amen!!!  

Most of the schoolhouse sessions were geared towards shop owners and how to sell but it was fascinating to get insight in to what is going on behind the scenes.

Then of course there was the much heralded Sample Spree where I got to meet the adorable Thimbleanna and the fabulous Julie of Jaybird Quilts.  Again I totally overshared about how her blog inpsired me to start blogging. 

I tried to contain myself but who can resist first pick at fabric?  I just wish I had my sewing machine so I could get to work!  I can't wait to see who I can stalk tomorrow; )

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  1. whoa - what a haul! You didn't confess this spending spree! No wonder you were so restrained this weekend! : )