Friday, November 25, 2016

End of Days

I am so thankful to have reached the end of #100Days100Blocks;-)  A huge thank you to fabulous hostesses of this shindig:  Sweet Little Pretties, Gnome Angel and Sunflower Stitcheries.  I can honestly say this is a quilt I never would have made if I hadn't joined up but it's been a wonderful experience.  Every day I was inspired by the different interpretations of each block.

Thank you also to my friends who stuck with me thru the endless days of block posts and to all the new friends I've made on this adventure.  Your ♥'s and words of encouragement definitely kept me going.

While it may not be a true finish 100 blocks done is my accomplishment for this week's Finish it Up Friday by Crazy Mom Quilts.  Rumor has it there will also be prizes for finishing this quilt but I'm going to just relax and enjoy this stack of blocks for a bit.  Wishing you all a fun filled Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

W.i.P. Wednesday: Is There a Doctor in the House?

With all my City Sampler blocks made and fall sports winding down I finally found myself with some free time in my studio this weekend.  I took advantage of the lull to get a jump start on my holiday gift making.  A good friend is a huge Doctor Who fan so a Tardis pillow seems like just the thing.  There are a couple of different patterns out there but I chose this one by Trillium Design for the Doctor Who Along.

Of course as soon as I finished piecing together all 80 pieces I noticed  I'd missed one way back there...  Where's a Time Lord when you need one?  I was dreading how much I was going to have to rip back to get to this piece but Caroline suggested I just applique in the missing panel.  Definitely an easier fix, now to just do it!

I also made lots of progress on my Snake Trail quilt.  I've sewn all the arcs to the fusible and just need to cut them apart and turn them.  It's slow going, I got a blister on my thumb from all the cutting so now I try to alternate activities.  I was hoping to start piecing the blocks this week but I cut my first strip of fabric too short and now I'm not going to have enough to get all 54 blocks...  I so miss having an LQS 7 minutes away!  This one isn't going to be done for Thanksgiving but maybe Christmas:-)

Have you started your holiday making yet?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

W.i.P. Wednesday: In the Homestretch

It's hard to believe we're in the final month of #100Days100Blocks.  I'm not going to lie, I'm so ready to be done with this!  I've been pretty good about getting my blocks done well in advance but I've been having more iPhone problems which led to having to reshoot a bunch of photos...  NOT fun!

This is the first time I put this up on my design wall.  I was concerned I'd need to be more thoughtful about my fabric choices as we come to the end but my anything goes approach seems to be working.  Most of the blocks include at least one Tula Pink print and almost every collection is represented.  It's so fun to see them all together!!!  I'm starting to think about how I'll put this one together.  It definitely needs sashing but I haven't decided if I'll do something fancy like Kayak Quilting or just keep it simple.

With my City Sampler blocks lined up I've also been working on my Snake Trail quilt.  I've got all of my arcs made and now I'm working on sewing them to the fusible.  Now that we're in to November I'm feeling the pressure to get this one done.  Of course that other holiday is rapidly approaching...  I need to get a back if I want to finish up this holiday quilt.  Has your holiday making kicked in yet? Only 52 days until Christmas:-)