Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ready to quilt

I've been making even more HSTs, this time for the back of my Fig Tree quilt.  I finished the top back in August but couldn't muster up the motivation to piece the back.  This quilt is big, 88"x96" so it wouldn't be enough to just seam two lengths of fabric together.  I put this zigzag down the middle to give it the extra width and so I don't have to worry about matching the pattern.

In the interest of finishing it this year I decided to go ahead and quilt it on the longarm.  My TBQ pile is already out of control and I can't bear the thought of trying to wrestle this through my home machine.  If I was having any doubts about this decision reading about the hilarious Liz of Goddess in Progress "joy of quilting" moments with her beautiful version of this quilt sealed the deal.  I can't wait to see mine finished!!!

1 comment:

  1. My mom taught me how to quilt too when I was younger and I always end up using the ones I made. My sleep was so smooth whenever I use the quilts I made.