Friday, January 27, 2012

Quilting the Beast

It takes a looong time to quilt a queen sized quilt, even on a longarm.  I spent all day quilting this at Laurena's but the sore muscles are definitely worth it.  I LOVE how this came out! 

I used a simple pantograph with tulips and leaves which had the airy look I was going for.  This was a much easier pattern than the spider web insanity I did on my last quilt but I had to do 12 rows of it and each one was taking me about 20 minutes.  It's fun for about the first 2 hours, then it just gets tedious... luckily Jack Johnson is my quilting buddy which helps the time pass more quickly;-)  Rainy day here in New England so it's perfect for making binding... all 400" of it!


  1. What a great accomplishment! I can't wait to see it. Now if only I could get away from my desk and work to finally finish SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

  2. Looks gorgeous! The quilting is lovely, and I can't take my eyes off your perfect points.

  3. ooh gorgeous!! It came out so nicely! Awesome!