Wednesday, May 8, 2013

W.i.P Wednesday: April Showers Bring May Flowers

It makes me so happy that spring is finally here but it also means we're busier than ever.  With the end of the school year rapidly approaching I'm thinking about those handmade teacher gifts:-)  Audrey is finishing up 6th grade and last fall I had the brilliant idea that her class should make their teacher a Hexy MF quilt as a graduation gift... you know, because hexies have 6 sides:-)

I'm not feeling quite so brilliant anymore;-)

The kids really did a fabulous job!  We had two sessions where the came to make their flower.  All 26 kids had to make at least 2 hexagons, one in their chosen print and the other in yellow which they then signed.

A few over-achievers made all their hexies and sewed them together.  Some of the other class Moms are helping me finish the flowers and assemble the top but I've still got to get it quilted and bound before graduation...  I see a movie marathon in my future!

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  1. Those hexies are looking awesome.
    Yes, definitely lot of work. But you're doing an amazing job.

    I'm sure teachers will be thrilled.

    For the quilting, consider long-arm you will be done in just one day.

  2. What a great idea! The Hexies are beautiful :)

  3. That is so sweet, teachers must be excited when they hear they're getting an alidiza child in their class!

  4. It's a great idea but I'm glad I didn't think of it when mine was that age. :)

  5. I see multiple movie marathons in your future. You certainly are brave for taking all of that on. Good luck!