Monday, January 21, 2013

Membership has its privileges...

I love being a member of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild!!!  Sure it's awesome to have 24/7 access to the quilt blogging community but it's just not the same as actually hanging out with like-minded (obsessive) quilters.  This weekend's meeting was another fabulous example:

We started the meeting handing out pincushions from the MQG swap.  I received this adorable little pincushion made by Lisa Parker of the Indy Modern Quilt Guild.  Lisa and I are kindred quilting klutzes, both having managed to sew a finger to fabric;-)   Kudos to Rebecca for organizing on our end and to the KCMQG for hosting this fun swap!!!

For programming, there was an amazing demonstration by Free Motion Quilter extraordinaire Hema of My Quilting Journey.  I have to confess I spent a little more time socializing than quilting but I did pick up some excellent pointers.  One of the people I got to chat with was super sweetie Natalie of Greenleaf Goods.  I've been friends with Natalie for a while but just realized this week that she created this fabulous Nicey Jane Baby Quilt which inspired my Nicey Jane Gingham quilt.  We also share a fondness for Fair Isle Sweaters;-)

Best of all, my quilty peeps helped me baste my Victory Garden quilt...  I didn't even have to beg.  My least favorite part of the process was almost fun having friends to talk to and it went sooo fast with help.  I'm totally psyched to have this ready to quilt!!!

See more of the fun on the BMQG blog and if you've ever even thought about joining you should definitely come check us out!


  1. Fantastic, I'm glad you were able to get your quilt basted!

  2. I love our guild, too! I am *so* glad I joined and now have the privilege of spending my Saturday afternoon talking fabric and quilts (and fair isle sweaters) with you! And I love that we're quilt twins-- your nicey jane gingham is beautiful! It makes me want to make another :)