Wednesday, January 23, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday: I ♥ Quilter's Way!!!

It seems rather appropriate to join the Visit Your Local Quilt Shop blog tour today since I started the day with another "emergency" thread run to Quilter's Way.  I am so lucky to have a fabulous quilt shop 7 minutes from my house since I am physically incapable of finishing a project without running out of thread.  Just what this Aurifil junkie needs;-)

Of course there is new fabric coming in every day but they also have this fabulous wall of solids.  Forget trying to figure out what goes with what or if this is going to match off a tiny little swatch on my Kona card...  I can just pull the whole bolt to decide if I really want Cactus or Chartreuse.

I also love the huge selection of modern quilting books for when I need a little inspiration!

And the longarm...

and all the other cute stuff they know I need:-)

But the absolute best thing is the fabulous staff who willing obsess over the right shade of Kona with me, gush over my latest project, and fulfill all my quilting needs... and show my work off in the shop;-)

So now I can get back to doing what I really want to be doing... quilting!!!

Tomorrow is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop day so be sure to visit whoever is keeping you in stitches!!!

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  1. I envy you that wall of Kona solids.

  2. How nice to have a look at your LQS--thanks for sharing! We're lucky--Spool of Thread, one of our LQSs in Vancouver, also carries the whole line of Kona solids.

  3. Gah - I'm so jealous of having a "toy store" of fabric in your backyard!! Any chance these ladies want to open a NH branch? ;)

  4. Whata great LQS. Very jealous

  5. I love your pattern with the red and pink polka dots and triangles. Would you share what pattern you are using? It's gorgeous!

  6. I wish I would have known that today was local quilt shop day! There are things I want to buy--of course I also need the money to buy them too.
    I love out local quilt shop. The owners and the employees are super nice and helpful. She is very generous. I love going to Sampler once a month and sit n' sew once a month. I'm hoping to be able to start affording some of the classes too.

  7. You do seem to have a awesome relationship with your LQS. Luck you! :-)
    Love your quilt displayed at LQS.