Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My plan for last week worked pretty well.  My L'Amour Twister is done and can disappear in to the closet until next Valentine's Day.

I basted the Amy Butler Love quilt and it will hopefully get quilted this week.  I even finished the hand quilting project I was hoping to get to so that's ready for a binding.  I didn't trim all those HSTs, but I decided it would be less tedious to trim them as I sewed the rows together.  Plus I'm still playing with layouts so they still may get some frayed edges, that's my story and I'm sticking too it: ) 

Of course, with all this progress I had to go start something new...  A friend is commisioning a quilt and this was along the lines of what I think she'd like.  I'd done something similar a few years ago and dug in to my stash for almost all the fabrics.  I don't usually work with batiks but they give it the watercolor effect I wanted.  It's a mix of traditional 9 patches mixed in with some of Oh, Fransson's crazy 9 patch blocks.  Hopefully my piecing is precise enough that you can tell where it's deliberately wonky. 

I still had to do some of that trimming I was trying to avoid;-)

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  1. Love the mini - very cute! I will keep my mouth shut about trimming the HST before you sew rows... But you are a more precise piecer than me so I'm sure it will work out for you! I watched that board basting video - we'll have to chat more at length about that!