Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm working on...

My theme for this week is "Just get it done!"  I always have a bunch of projects going at once but even for me, things are getting out of control.

First up, handwork.  Last week I made a bunch of mug mats out of old practice blocks for my binding demo at the NEMQG meeting so I wanted to get those finished up.  All the bindings are on so it's just time to tack, tack, tack.  3 down, the L'Amour Twister I showed last week remains to be done. 

Next, cutting.  200 Fig Tree HSTs waiting to be trimmed.  I've added the new Buttercup and am still working on digging up a Fresh Cottons charm pack.

Lastly, basting.  I finally picked up some Dream Orient batting so I'm ready to baste my Amy Butler Love quilt.  I love Sharon Schamber's board technique!  If you haven't tried it watch her video here.  It is so much nicer than crawling around on the floor with safety pins! 

Bonus points for basting another quilt top that's been sitting since September and finishing the hand quilting on a baby quilt that I can't even remember when I started;-)

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