Monday, March 7, 2011

Branching Out...

In case you haven't noticed I'm addicted to quilting but at times I've also dabbled in yarny type things.  Much to my chagrin and extreme efforts to fix this problem, most of my friends are knitters.  In fact I was shocked when I joined the NEMQG to learn that most of the members consider themselves knitters who also will work with fabric.  Anyway, a good friend of mine recently signed up for an intermediate knitting class with my daughter's knitting teacher and convinced me it would be fun to join her.  Purely for the social aspects of course:-) The "class" is more of a work on your own project with assistance available and since my last foray in to knitting was a baby sweater for my 9 year old (which I did finish and both of my kids wore) I needed to come up with a project.  Of course there's a site for that!  Ravelry is really amazing and I quickly came up with several ideas and after a quick trip to my LYS (where they don't know me at all) I started on this.  In case you can't tell it's a fingerless glove.  I figure these will be great for football season so I can keep my hands warm while I'm hand quilting.

Bringing it back to quilting, why don't quilter's have a site like Ravelry?  I love ModaBakeshop for ideas and there are lots of other great sources for patterns out there but the geeky control freak side of me loves the way Ravelry can track what you're working on, what you want to make, what's in your stash...  This is what we need!

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