Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making Progress

Well I'd meant to show work in progress on Wednesdays but this week my camera went missing and it's hard to show your work with no pictures.  Thankfully the camera finally turned up so I can get back to picture taking.  So, I've got all my Whirlygiggles made and just need to sew the rows together.  I threw in a couple extra blocks made with Heather Bailey's Bijoux.  I'm trying to decide if I want to add any borders to this or leave it as is.  I'd like to add a pink inner border to make it float a bit more but I'm out of pink so that would require more shopping: )

I've also pieced together all the strips I cut for my second Nicey Jane quilt but now I'm stuck.  This is busier than I'd imagined, I wish I'd dropped in a few solids.  Perhaps a solid border would make it calmer.  I also was imagining it as a picnic blanket but it's not big enough for that so I'd either have to add more or leave it as it is and go for a baby quilt.  I've lost my vision for this one but hopefully it'll come back to me.

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