Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I generally have a hard-fast rule against what I refer to as domestic sewing.  Despite the fact that I rarely go 24 hours without sewing something I don't do practical things like replacing buttons or hemming pants.  At the risk of sounding pretentious, I'm an artist, I have to follow my vision.  So it's OK for me to create quilts for the beach house I don't have, not so much the house I live in.  In general, the less practical the product the more compelling the project.  Recently I had a change of heart.  Since we moved in to this house 5 years ago my husband has been begging me to hang a curtain in the bathroom.  Nothing fancy, just something to hide the ugly blinds.  Let's just say I was less than motivated.  Sure it was ugly but I don't use that bathroom.  And I tried a couple of times but I could never quite find the "right" fabric to go with the fishies on the shower curtain.  But sometimes things just come together and suddenly I was inspired... it started when I first saw the Robert Kauffman was coming out with Dr. Seuss fabric.  We LOVE Dr. Seuss, it's my kids' favorite and I can recite The Lorax from memory when necessary.  But I was still dreaming of the quilts I could make... until I saw Pottery Barn had come out with the shower curtain.  Suddenly I had a plan.  Of course like all my plans there were stumbling blocks.  First I had to wait, like forever, for the fabric to actually be released.  Then I thought I was going to use this but after ordering 2 yards of it and draping it on my window frame I decided the scale was off and I didn't like it for a valance after all.  Fortunately I had also ordered fat quarter packs of both Celebrate Seuss and The Cat in the Hat so I could sample to my heart's content.  Once I finally made the decision and tracked down the appropriate fabrics the construction was a breeze.  Here's the final result... the new valance and shower curtain.

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