Wednesday, September 16, 2015

W.i.P. Wednesday: Eat those Frogs!

alidiza: Basting Out to Sea Penny Patch
Despite my slight detour to make a quick anniversary present, I had a fairly productive week.  Or maybe it just feels that way because I got one big check off my to do list.  I don't know why I make such a big deal about basting.  I finished my Out to Sea top a month ago, got the back pieced, ran to the store for batting, quilted another quilt so I'd have enough safety pins and then the excuses began...  it's too hot, I don't have time today, my back already hurts, I'm wearing white pants.  I was holding firm that I couldn't start anything new until it was basted and finally I ran out of excuses.  I timed it and 1 hour and 24 minutes later it was done.  I didn't even have time to watch a whole movie.

With the remaining time I finally sewed the buttons back on my favorite Lilly pants...  my second most dreaded sewing activity.  It's really pathetic how long it takes me to get around to doing any sort of "domestic" sewing!

alidiza: Beatrix Potter Cross Stitch Binding
Not that it's been nothing but drudgery around here...  I sewed the binding on my Beatrix Potter so now I need another movie to watch while tacking it down.

And since tonight brings the return of Hand Sewing Happy Hour at Quilter's Way I'm resurrecting my La Passacaglia prepping these centers.

What's your most dreaded quilting/sewing task?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Keeping motivated with this week's W.i.P. Wednesday:-)


  1. LOVE the Beatrix Potter cross-stitch panels! Nice to see it incorporated in a quilt instead of just framed. Love the play of colors on the Out to Sea quilt; congrats on getting it basted! My most dreaded task is not basting (that's second!). I really dread the quilting; that's why I have so many completed tops stacked up in a plastic bin! I usually know what I want to do, but I don't think my domestic sewing machine and my experience are up to my imagination, so I hesitate. Also, it's very time consuming, and I feel I need to block out a big chunk of time - a movie, as you say - to do it!

  2. Hahaha you are so funny! I'm horrible about sewing on buttons. It's not like it's hard, I just don't get around to doing it. And my poor husband has to do it himself. (not that I feel sorry for him) As for quilting - my least favorite part is squaring up the block - sort of like the buttons. Takes me forever to get around to doing it. Love your pink quilt - with the boat.

  3. Oh those cross stitches panels are beautiful! And I love the choice of fabric for the binding. Great work!