Wednesday, August 19, 2015

W.i.P. Wednesday: Lazy Days of Summer

It seems like it's been forever since I've just been able to hang out in my quilt studio and sew for fun.  With my slipcovers finally finished and my La Passacaglia prepped and ready for our next road trip I decided it was a good time to tackle some UFOs.  Last fall I pieced together this Out to Sea Penny Patch for Audrey's bed in Maine.  Of course by the time the top was together we'd closed up the house so I couldn't see it on the bed.  This summer I tried it out and decided it was too small and needed another couple of rows.

It was really fun to revisit this pattern.  I stuck to my all stash rule but I got to add some new nauticals that I collected over the year.  Here it is, bigger and better than ever.  I even managed to come up with enough stash to put together the back but then realized if I was going to baste it I either needed to buy more safety pins or quilt something from the TBQ pile.

Since there's nothing quite like quilting during a heat wave I grabbed this Central Park Garden Fence.  I'd already quilted all the center flowers but I wanted to quilt something in the printed areas to make the brick path pop.  In the end I went with a free-form feather that fills the space.  This was a new pattern for me.  They're not perfect but I'm pretty happy with the effect.  

And after a quilting marathon I'm on the very last square...  now to slap a binding on and finish this up!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Keeping cool with this week's W.i.P. Wednesday:-)


  1. Great pattern and fabric - perfect boy's quilt (or girls'....).

  2. Beautiful Penny Patch! I love this pattern, one of the few I have repeated. Your quilting on the Garden Fence quilt is lovely!

  3. Looking awesome! Love both of your projects! :)