Friday, August 7, 2015

Giving Them the Slip

I finally finished the slipcovers and for about 5 minutes my living room was clean:-)

When we bought our first house friends gave us these couches after Goodwill refused to take them.  Structurally they were fine but after a few years with kids the white covers were more multi-colored.  We had just moved and were desperate for furniture so I happily snagged them and made the first set of slipcovers.  They held up well but the sun and kids had taken their toll and it was definitely time for a refresh!

Slipcovers really aren't hard and there are a ton of great resources that explain the process.  You can see all my favorite tips on Pinterest.

Making all the box cushions, 12 total, really got tedious.

And then there was all that piping...

And the zippers.  It's a lot like making a Weekender (or 12;-)  I overgrammed a bit to keep myself motivated.

And because I'm a total glutton for punishment when my husband suggested it was also time for the window seat cushion to be redone I made one more box cushion.  In total I used 30 yards of fabric, almost 70 yards of cording, and 7 large spools of thread (with 2 thread emergencies!).

Now that they're done I'm thrilled with the end result.  I took me an entire day of picking up threads, dusting and vacuuming but my studio is clean again (which will only last for 5 minutes).   My machine and I are both off on vacation but I can't wait to get back to some "real" sewing!

Linking up to the fabulous Finish it Up Friday by Crazy Mom Quilts.

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  1. Wow, I'm impressed! I don't think I could tackle a job like that.

  2. They look great! A few people have asked me to do things like this, but I haven't worked up the nerve yet. Quilts are flat, sofas are complicated! Kat @

  3. Wow. I've never done slipcovers. Yours look great. You should be proud.

  4. HOLY MOLY what an accomplishment. I'm so impressed! I can see how it would get really tedious, but it sure looks great!

  5. Wonderful job! They look expertly made.

  6. Congratulations! You must feel great with your sofas' renewals.

  7. Great job on the slip covers! Your room is beautiful, too. You've inspired me. Thanks!

  8. What a great job - I wouldn't know where to start.. Your room looks great, especially with the matching window seat cover. Well Done!

  9. You are amazing! I love your work and your room is beautiful!!!!

  10. Wow - that's so impressive! Both the couch and the window seat look beautiful.