Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 Finish Along: The Saga Continues...

I may have been a bit overly optimistic when I made my list for Q1 of the 2015 Finish Along hosted by On the Windy Side.  Only 2 finishes from my list, my Kate Spain Christmas quilt and Plus One but I did make progress on several other items.  Knowing Spring is always busy I'm trying to be a bit more realistic with my plan for Q2...

1.  Enchanted:  This is quilted and just needs to be finished up.

2. A Walk in the Park:  I basted this while on the Boston MQG retreat so it's ready for quilting.

3. Keeping it Together and 4. Toes In the Sand:  I want to gift these in June so I have a real deadline now.  I'm planning to quilt both of these at Laurena's Longarm but with the never-ending snow and cold this winter I pretty much barricaded myself in my quilt studio and refused to leave for anything short of a thread emergency:-)  Now that the weather is improving I can schedule some time but it'll be trickier now that I'm working.

5. Blue Plate Special:  I've made all the plates I need so I just need to settle on the final layout.  I plan to finish this the same as I completed my Ghastly Othello quilt so I'll just quilt the plates on to the assembled quilt sandwich rather than appliqueing them down first.

6.  Here Comes the Sun:  Another retreat project, I was cruising along on this until I ran out of low volume fabrics for the sashing.

7. Beatrix Potter:  It's a long shot that I'll actually finish hand quilting this but having it on the list for Q1 actually got things started.  I'll have lots more time for handwork once it's actually warm enough to start spending weekends in Maine but you never know...  the big stitch quilting goes a lot faster than my old 12 stitches/inch!
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
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