Wednesday, July 16, 2014

W.i.P. Wednesday: This Is Epic!!!

Last night I put the last stitch in a quilt I have been hand quilting forever.

I don't remember when I started working on this...  I'm guessing 2008.  Definitely before I started blogging and documenting every moment of my life:-)  It was hand-pieced by a friend who after quilting a few blocks decided she hated hand quilting and was never going to finish it.  In a flash of insanity generosity I offered to finish quilting it for her.

Since then this quilt has pretty much been my constant companion....

  Visits to Maine in the winter,
Relaxing at the lake,

The ferry from New London to Orient Point,

On the train to Philly Sew Down

and countless road trips.

Baseball games, football games, gymnastics meets, watching Audrey cheer...  there I was quilting.

Obviously I've worked on lots of other things in the last 6 years but this was always packed and ready to go whenever I needed something to do. It still needs a binding but then I'll have to figure out my next epic project:-)

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  1. seriously epic!!! so, are you keeping it or is it going back to the friend? if you go by shares of time invested, you definitely win! beautiful quilting, by the way.

  2. Wow, that's some fabulous places to quilt - I love the ferry! I put the last stitch in a quilt that took me 6 years last year - it was a bit distressing to actually finish it, but I've got another couple on the go now to fill the gap...probably be another 6 years til they're finished! Yours is a really pretty quilt and your stitching is fab, like Hydeeannsews says - hope you get to keep it (or at least share it!). Visiting from WIPW, :)

  3. Hey, Congratulations! What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment you must be feeling, and well deserved too.

  4. Congratulations! What a good friend! Epic finish to say the least! Now you will have to lead a hand quilting session at a future guild meeting (please!).

  5. Wow, if only my social life was as active as your quilt's. Great finish. There's so much more satisfaction in finishing a quilt with hand stitching.

  6. Congratulations! That is a fabulous quilt.

  7. Your quilt is so pretty - your hand quilting is gorgeous! How beautiful! Do you get to keep the quilt or do you have to give it back to your friend? I've only hand quilted one quilt (with a bunch of help from my daughter) and I am sure I won't be doing another one :)
    That's a whole lot of work!

  8. Congratulations! The quilt is beautiful and well-traveled ;).

  9. Wow! You are a legend! How cool to do a quilt completely in the way they first started out - by hand. Superb effort!

  10. Wow! this is epic for sure but such a lovely journey. Your hand quilting is pure awesome! Love it!
    I have one epic quilt which I started to hand piece but still haven't finished it. I should start spending more time with it ;).
    Thank you for the inspiration!