Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Alidiza's Atelier: Where I Sew

I'm so lucky to have a large dedicated studio space with lots of natural light.  I love this giant design wall my husband built for me.  It's insulation board covered with batting and flannel and then framed.  Most cotton fabrics will stick to the batting so I can easily re-position things without pinning.  He also made my cutting table by adding legs to our old kitchen island top after we remodeled.

My sewing table was "rescued" from a dumpster and is perfectly situated for watching TV and gazing lovingly at my stash while I sew:-)

My stash has been getting a bit out of control and having everything stored in Sterlite bins wasn't really working anymore so for Mother's Day I asked for new shelving to store my fabric.  We took a trip to IKEA and Dave and Audrey spent the weekend assembling my new Billy bookcases and Lillhöjden chair.

Of course once I started looking around at all the awesome IKEA hacks I had to get fancy.  Using the advice at Maillardville Manor we added strips of molding to join the bookcases together and then added a shelf on top to bridge the gap in the corner and get the look of built-ins.

Since then I've been working on fancy folding all of my fabric.  Is anyone surprised that I have an entire bookcase just for pink?  Eventually I hope to have it all nicely folded but for now it's enough to have it visible and accessible.  It's like having my own fabric store stocked with all my favorite fabrics:-)  I've also got plans to recover the loveseat...  I'm thinking pink!

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  1. Your sewing room is fantastic! I love the stash storage - bins just aren't the same as being able to see them all together. Great dumpster dive find. All my machines are vintage but from Craigslist or thrift stores - they hadn't made it to the curb yet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Your sewing space is just awesome! I am drooling over perfectly organized fabric stash. Love those pinks..pinks..and more pinks ;)