Wednesday, April 23, 2014

W.i.P. Wednesday: Toes In the Sand

Our Toes In the Sand BOM group at Quilter's Way is taking the month off to give everyone time to finish up all their blocks and assemble their tops.  

It's a little awkward to cut all of the setting triangles.  I didn't make templates, just used the edge of the Hex N More to align my ruler for cutting.  

I found you could get a set of the side triangles from each strip set by leaving enough room before my first cut.  You can measure 7 5/8" from the point of the triangle to get the right width.  

Remember to alternate the direction you start cutting so you get both sets of side triangles.

This is all bias so I found I needed to pin the blocks, a lot but it all goes together pretty easily.

I had some extra blocks leftover so I'm working them in to the back.  I'm hoping to get this quilted before we meet again in May...  it's good to have goals;-)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Checking in at this week's W.i.P. Wednesday:-)


  1. Fabulous... I love the variety in the triangles.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! It's so nice to see it all finished. Maybe it will motivate me to get my tush in gear and finish mine!

  3. Your "Toes in the Sand" quilt top is looking awesome. It great to see it all put together.
    Hmmm....while working on my triangle quilt I did save those half triangles....but forgot or didn't think to alternate the direction. Great tip!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun to see all the progress up to the final top - I like the new take on triangles!