Wednesday, October 23, 2013

W.i.P. Wednesday: Caught in the Undertoe

This month's Toes in the Sand BOM session at Quilter's Way snuck up on me and of course this was one of the most time intensive blocks so far.

It wasn't particularly difficult but it has lots and lots of small pieces that need to go together.  This is definitely a time when you want to stack your fabrics and cut both blocks at once!  Important:  If you are making this from the kit when you are cutting your hexagons you need to cut your 4 1/2" strip first and cut out the large hexagon.  You can then trim this down to 2 1/2" to cut the smaller hexagons.  You can not get all 9 small hexagons from a single 2 1/2" strip and it is unlikely that you will be able to get two 2 1/2" strips and a 4 1/2" strip from your fat eighth.  This is also true for the multiple sized navy triangles.  Cut your 3 1/2" strip and two 1 1/2" strips.  Once you've cut your 3 1/2" triangles trim the remaining strip down to 2 1/2" inches for those triangles.  I turned my striped fabric the opposite direction for my smaller triangles to give it some more movement.

Once you've cut everything out it's not too bad to assemble all the pieces in to bigger and bigger units until you can piece them all together.  

With this one I went off script and swapped some leftover floral fabric for the navy grunge rather than using it in both blocks.  I thought this added some more color and I didn't like pairing the two grunge prints together.

And there you have it, another month in the bag:-)  

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  1. I like the swap you made. I think that floral fabric goes well in that block.

  2. I love the PB & J line! I made a quilt out of it too! I was so tempted to do this project, glad to see what it looks like in progress!

  3. Very nice...those blocks looks like a bit of work, but you did an amazing job and I like the fabric too.

  4. OooooOoooh! What a neat pattern! And awesome use of fabric.

  5. wow! what a block. I think you need to try epp. =)

  6. Wow! that does looks labor intensive. But you did an awesome job!

  7. I think time intensive might be an understatement. They turned out really lovely.