Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston You're My Home

I wasn't going to write about the Boston bombing.  I dislike it when people personalize a tragedy that has nothing to do with them and while I did know people running in the race I am fortunate to say that everyone is fine.  But the fact is this has affected me personally because what happened is right there in the middle of my memories.  My first Boston Marathon experience was my first year at Wellesley.  My dorm was right on the race route and anyone who has run by knows it's a big deal.  My friends and I spent the day cheering as runners passed and enjoying a Wellesley tradition that would be carried on all four years I was there.

From Wellesley I moved in to the Back Bay and lived a few blocks from Copley Square.  The Boston Public Library, Lord & Taylor, Atlantic Fish Company...  I spent a lot of time hanging out along there.  I want to remember eating Bruegger's bagels on the steps of the BPL, not bloody streets and blown out windows. 
Boston Trolley
The second explosion demolished the patio where we held our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding.  I want  to remember how it was pouring down rain that night and we were so soaked the waitress brought us a whole basket of linen napkins to dry off with, not twisted metal and shattered glass.

Marathon day  lunch at The Pour House
We were still living in Back Bay when Audrey came along and we took her down to see the race.  Even post-9/11 we never thought it would be a safety issue.  Many years we walked over to watch the race, usually at the Cactus Club but sometimes in Copley Square.

FAO Schwartz on Boylston St.
The reality of city living is itty-bitty living space so you tend to spend most of your time out and about.  Picnics in Copley Square on Farmer's Market Day,  Movies at the Hatch Shell, the Clarendon Street Tot Lot,  Boston Common...  No matter the season or the weather, Boston is a city where people are out having fun.

Make Way for Ducklings, Boston Public Gardens
I hope that doesn't change!!!

Hanging out on Newbury St.
I hope we can all hold on to our happy memories of Boston, of what is good.  I won't let the horrible images on the news this week replace shopping at In the Pink and lunch at Sonsie.  

Frog Pond, Boston Common
And it definitely won't stop us from enjoying all that Boston has to offer!


  1. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for putting into words what some of us can't! :)

  2. Well put. Here's to many more wonderful memories in such an amazing city and state!

  3. I'm so glad you did this, what a wonderful tribute to a city you love.

  4. Love this, Alice -- especially all the photos of your Boston life. xo

  5. I love your pictures of Boston. Thank you for writing this post. It's important that people love it here more than people can possibly hate.

  6. You have great Boston memories! Thanks for sharing your pictures and for your eloquent words!

  7. A great tribute to Boston.
    This past week has been really devastating for us in the Boston area. I am so glad that its all over now.

    It must have really hard for you with all these memories around that place.Great pictures!

    Take care!