Friday, May 18, 2012

Still Life with Pears

One of the highlights of my trip to Quilt Market was getting to meet Weeks Ringle so when I heard she was looking for people to review the first issue of Modern Quilts Illustrated I jumped at the chance.  It's a bit misleading to call this a magazine, I'd call it more of a pamphlet because there is NO advertising!  While it is short, every page is content.  It is also printed on much heavier stock than a typical magazine.  Each issue will include three patterns and just like their books, these are clearly written and beautifully illustrated.  The process is well thought out and they offer easy and innovative ways to construct each quilt.  I also love that they talk about how they quilted each quilt and why.  So much better than "quilt as desired"!  Each quilt is also presented in several different colorways so you have tons of options.  The hardest thing is picking what to do first!

I couldn't resist trying Still Life with Pears. I did a raw-edge applique so it went together really quickly!  I pieced together the background and then layered it with the batting and backing.  I quilted the pears down and then practiced my stipple quilting in the background.  My only complaint (with my process, not the pattern) is that I tried a new "wash-out" fusible that I hate.  Not only did it not wash out, but it is rather stiff and annoying to work with.

I stuck with a pretty simple palette.  The background is Bella Feather and Mocha Carolina Chambray.  For the pears I used Kona: Buttercup, Cactus, Curry and Saffron with Chocolate for the stems.  The pattern is sized 24"x24" which fits perfectly on my kitchen wall!  Definitely a welcome addition: ) 

You may be able to find this in your LQS or you can call to subscribe.  I'll definitely be making that call and crossies that I actually get to talk to Weeks again!  I can't wait to see what #2 brings!!!

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