Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teacher's Pet

We're wrapping up another year of school here and that means it's time for teacher gifts.  My "craftiness" is well known so I always feel compelled to produce something handmade.  This year Audrey's class did yoga so I suggested as our year-end gift we could get her teachers yoga mats which all of the kids signed.  To go along with the theme I offered to make eye pillows.  These are so quick and fun to make, I went a little overboard: ) 

For Dex's teachers I added a pack of relaxation mints and tied them up with some raffia.

These are loosely based on the tutorial at Make It Do and filled with a mix of lavender (which I definitely did NOT grow myself) and flax seeds.  I was a little concerned when I saw that lavender was priced at $51.49/pound but I used a 1/4 cup in each and was able to make 10 pillows with about $5 worth.  These are perfectly sized to make with leftover layer cakes and I had fun mixing in linens and voiles for different textures on the back.  I suspect I'll be making a few more of these...  I'm thinking hostess gifts for all those summer BBQs!


  1. Nice idea. I have noticed a lot of gift ideas for teachers - seems like lots of people go for a zip pouch or coffee cozy.... will have to be tucking these ideas away for the future.

  2. love it! might make one for myself now...

  3. Super cute! Lucky teachers!! I think I will host a BBQ just to get one...