Monday, May 9, 2011

To be continued?

Once upon a time my daughter was obsessed with this raincoat.  We went through a very long phase where she wore it constantly, rain or shine.  I can't blame her, this is my all-time favorite Gymboree print and it inspired me with a vision for a quilt.  Of course I'm me so it had to be pink and green: )  I had the perfect background, Sunday in the Park by Piece o' Cake, but only 1 yard so this would have to be a rather small quilt.  If this ever comes back in print I will buy them out.  It goes with everything!  Then began an endless quest for the elusive, perfect pink gingham. 

Many yards later and after carefully prepping all the appliques  I started dragging this around while I hand appliqued the flowers and their centers.  Then I moved on to hand quilting all those flowers and their centers.  This quilt has been everywhere!  More time passed and I got the binding on and hand tacked it down.  Finally, finally this quilt was done! 

Or is it?  The more I look at it I think it needs more quilting.  Maybe just some smaller flowers outlined in the open spaces...  Do I keep quilting or declare it done?

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