Monday, January 31, 2022

Cheers to the New Year

With everyone doing dry January I figured this was the perfect time to focus on my Drinks quilt.  

I joined the Drink Quilt Along hosted by Seamlessly Stephanie back in August but the QAL sort of fizzled out along with my enthusiasm.  If you know me IRL you know I have a "special cup" each of my different drink choices and I rarely go anywhere with out drink in my hand so this was a fun way to commemorate all my favorites.  I'd also dipped in to my "precious" stash for some of the early blocks so I was highly motivated to not let this one totally fall by the wayside.  It was so much fun digging thru my beloved Lilly Pulitzer fabrics and other faves to find something perfect for each block.  

At this point I've got 24 blocks which seems like a good number for a quilt.  Some of these whipped up really quickly, other's not so much.  It was definitely a challenge since there's no set pattern so I was using blocks from multiple designers.  Clicking the image will take you to the pattern for each block.  For some of them I adapted the design to get the effect I wanted and I did some scaling to get the sizes to work.  It was a lot of fun but reminded my why I rarely do paper piecing.  

We'll see how long it takes me to pick out my cornerstones and get this top together.  Until then, cheers to making it thru January!

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