Friday, April 12, 2019

Buon Viaggio!

It's time for April Vacation here in New England and this year my daughter is taking off for Greece and Italy.  Of course a vacation is just another excuse for me to make stuff.  I paired up my precious Rifle Paper Co. Les Fleurs with Blossom Essex Linen to make her this travel set.

I started with this little laundry bag.  This is In Color Order's Lined Drawstring Bag in the project size, perfect for a week's worth of socks and undies.

Next I made a coordinating zipper pouch to hold her passport and travel documents.  My go to zipper bag is based on Noodlehead's Gathered Clutch.  I just skipped gathering the front panel.

And since I couldn't bear to waste a precious scrap of this fabulous Bon Voyage print I went ahead and made another Tiny Lined Drawstring bag for cords.  This are awfully fiddly to make but so cute.

Of course no adventure could go completely smoothly.  I was literally 2 inches from being done when I ran out of bobbin thread;-(  Hopefully this will be the only mishap.  Ciao Bella!

Blog hopping with this week's Brag About Your Beauties Pageant by Michelle at From Bolt to Beauty and a big thank you to her for including me on this week's highlights reel.


  1. Love it when you can get just about all the way through and are done with your bobbin thread! Only another quilter can enjoy that. Such beautiful items! Your daughter will enjoy this for sure.

  2. The best thing about projects like this is that they're an excuse to buy cute novelty fabric I wouldn't otherwise indulge in. I love that you paired the Rifle print with pale pink and chartreuse -- so pretty!