Wednesday, February 8, 2017

W.i.P. Wednesday: Super Sewing Weekend

My quilty friends & I have been sneaking off to quilt camp for awhile now.  It's always a challenge to synchronize our schedules but it's so worth it once we finally make it work.  This weekend the planets aligned and we headed to the beach.

I haven't started anything new since I finished my City Sampler so I was at a bit of a loss for what to work on.  I knew I didn't have the mental energy for a big project so I cut and prepped all the pieces for a long ago promised Sew Together Bag for my awesome friend Aimee.  I was worried this might be too preppy but she gave me the green light so I was ready to go.

This bag seems intimidating with it's 4 zippers but it really does come together quickly.

By the end of the day my bag was together and ready for binding.

Of course that's when the cursing started...  I ran out of bobbin thread inches from the end sewing on my big zipper.

Finally it was finished and I could move on to the next thing.  I'd just grabbed this basted Mendocino zigzag off the UFO tower.  I'm not sure why I thought it was going to take me so long to quilt this though I did plan to quilt it more densely.  In the end I decided it didn't really need it - why compete with such awesome fabrics - and this was done as well.

I usually make my binding when I finish constructing the quilt top but I couldn't remember if I had this time.  True to form when I got home I found a binding ready and waiting so I quickly trimmed my quilt and slapped the binding on so I'd have something to do while watching the Super Bowl.  We all know how that turned out;-)  That extra overtime was just what I needed!

This year's BostonMQG retreat is rapidly approaching so I've got to start planning what to work on during my next adventure...  what kind of projects do you prefer when traveling?


  1. Love this STB, and especially the preppy palette! Although I do take issue with the notion that a STB is a quick sew. I've made six or seven, and with each one I swear it will be my last -- ha!

    When going on a retreat, I like to take a variety of things -- a project or two that needs to be cut, a few that are already ready to be sewn, one that's close to being done. That variety helps me beat any boredom. Changing things up helps me maintain my productivity!

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