Monday, May 23, 2016

Shoot for the Stars

alidiza: Shoot for the Stars iPad cover
It's hard to believe but this is probably my last year making teachers' gifts.  Dex is graduating from elementary school and at the Jr. High and High School with multiple teachers it isn't done as much.   One of Dex's favorite units this year was on astronomy.  Talking about it reminded me of these adorable embroidered constellations by Miniature Rhino and I was off a running...

I did get off to a rocky start with this idea...  I initially planned to use Dritz transfer paper but none of the colors made visible marks on this Ebony Carolina Chambray.  Next I tried using a light box and chalk pencil but now I couldn't see the dots thru the dark fabric.  I thought about making a plastic template but wasn't wild about having to punch out all those stars...

A few people suggested I change course but this is the fun part so after brainstorming awhile I came up with the idea of printing the pattern on these Wash-Away fusible applique sheets.  Since the design was simple I just fused the reversed version of the pattern to my fabric and worked from the back.  I find these sheets a bit too thick for quilting but this was perfect and saved me the step of adding fusible after I finished the embroidery.

After my success embroidering my old school cursive pencil bags with Aurifil 12 wt. I knew it would be perfect for this project also.  I love the sheen it has and it's so much easier to work with than multiple strands of floss.  With a plan in place I grabbed a glass of wine and kicked back for a relaxing afternoon of stitching in the sun:-)

Once I finished my stitching I loosely followed the pattern for my Patchwork iPad cover but sized it down a bit to fit the latest form factor.  For the back and flap I upcycled an old wool dress that's a bit too short for my current style and for the lining I had to use some precious Lizzy House Constellations.  She's a really special teacher:-)

alidiza: Shoot for the Stars iPad cover
I used this as an opportunity to try the new Pellon Flex Foam Fusible in place of the fusible fleece.  It bonds like a dream and is amazingly easy to sew thru.  My only complaints are I can't stack multiple layers to cut and it's very difficult to pull thru a small hole if you are using a pattern that births your bag.  It definitely provides a bit more protection for your electronics so I think I'll keep using it and switch to using a bound edge.

alidiza: Shoot for the Stars iPad cover
It's a bittersweet ending but I'm sure I'll find new excuses to make stuff;-)  What's your go to handmade gift?

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  1. Sooooo cute! You need to tell me more about the foam interfacing.

  2. What a thoughtful gift! And good news/bad news that you won't have more teacher gifts in the future. Seeing our kids grow so fast is so interesting. I have never heard the term "births the bag" before but I know what you mean! LOL!! I used a new stabilizer for a recent bag and had my doubts whether the inversion would work! But I too like the additional stability in certain cases.