Thursday, October 15, 2015

2015 Finish Along: The Final Countdown

I still can't quite believe it's already October.  This year has flown by!!!  I'm actually doing pretty well with 2015 Finish Along ...  so far I've listed 14 different projects and actually finished 6 of them.  Given that some of these were really old UFOs I count that as a win.  So here's the plan to wrap up the year...

1.  Out to Sea Penny Patch - I'm sad I didn't get this one finished before we closed our camp again but I did get started on the quilting during this month's Midnight Madness at Quilter's Way.  After being draped in it for the evening I think it was a wise decision not to try quilting it during the summer but it will be perfect for a few quilting marathon days now that things are turning chilly.

2.  Spellbound - I need another Halloween quilt like I need a hole in the head but I couldn't resist this fabulous Cotton + Steel collection.  I've been pinning Halloween quilt ideas for months so I just have to settle on a design and get stitching...

3.  Tree Farm - I totally missed the boat for the Quilt Along but I love these Modern Trees by Christa's Quilts.  I've pretty much maxed out all my available space for Christmas decorations but I think these will be fabulous as picture frame covers like my Halloween Ghastly Portraits.  I've got everything I need, here's hoping they make it up this year:-)

4.  Keeping It Together - This has been just sitting around waiting to be quilted and showing up on to do lists for an embarrassingly long time.  I finally pulled the trigger and scheduled time at Laurena's Longarm to finish this one up so it might finally happen.

5.  Toes In the Sand - Another one that's been done for a long time.  I had big plans for piecing the back but finally just broke down and bought the last 5 yards of pb&j chevron.  Another day at  Laurena's and I can put this one to rest also.

6.  Sloops - I am loving this one and really want to get it quilted and on Dex's bed.  I actually managed to use this Boat House layer cake before it went out of print so it wasn't too hard to track down yardage for the back (Thank you Loopy Ewe!).  It's too big to quilt at home so it'll require yet another trip to Laurena's, possibly for some custom FMQ.

7.  Houndstooth - This one is basted and ready to quilt.  It's a long shot with the holidays but there may be enough cold days where I don't want to leave the house to get this one done also.

How are you planning to finish out the year?

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side
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