Monday, May 5, 2014

Derby Day

This weekend marked the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, my absolute favorite excuse for a party!!!  It's really the only sporting event that matches my attention span...  throw in a signature cocktail and the required preppy wardrobe and I'm in heaven:-)

Of course a party is just another excuse for getting crafty!  I was on a roll making Noodlehead berry baskets and decided to try one with this fabulous Nicey Jane laminate I picked up at Marden's last summer.  I suspect these will be my go to hostess gift for the summer.

It's also the perfect size for holding cocktail napkins:-)  Once that was done obviously my drink dispenser needed a matching label.  

I cut out concentric ovals from my laminate and chalk cloth, made two slits in the laminate wide enough for a ribbon, and then stitched around the chalk cloth to hold it all together.  

I really got to put my Chalkboard table runner to the test.  It was so much easier to just update what's being served on the fly rather then making all those food tags in advance.  

And since Lilly didn't make matching boy's shorts this season (ahem!), I was forced to whip up this adorable bow tie for Dex using this awesome tutorial from Pretty Prudent.  Can't you tell he loved it:-)   


  1. Drinks dispenser label is pure genius!! Love it all!

  2. I love the label too and great idea to use the laminate for the berry basket too!

  3. Those matching outfits are spectacular - what a good sport he is! ;) Love the berry baskets and seeing the runner in action!

  4. All so cute!! I love the cocktail napkin holder. You really celebrated derby day in style ;)