Monday, December 23, 2013


Every year I try to make homemade holiday gifts.  This year I made cloth napkin sets using my Self Binding Napkin tutorial.  They're perfect for fat quarters and stitch up really quickly!  Even so, I cut it pretty close and whipped up the last batch minutes before we had to leave for the airport.  

I picked up this awesome Echino bundle to make napkins for my sister-in-law at the fabulous Sew Fresh Fabrics.  I was worried the prints might be a bit juvenile but since it's handmade, Japanese, and eco-conscious it should meet all the Brooklyn hipster criteria plus she has a thing for penguins.

For Dex's teacher I made another set using these adorable Ann Kelle Jingle prints.  Maybe it's me who has a thing for penguins;-)

I almost can't bear to part with these ones.  I just LOVE this Winter's Lane collection by Kate & Birdie Paper Co.  The colors are gorgeous and the prints are just precious.  I'm so glad I still have some left... maybe something for me next Christmas;-)

Last but not least, here's Audrey modeling the apron I made for my mother-in-law.

I channeled my inner Scarlet O'Hara and made it using her old curtains from our camp after I finally redecorated this summer.

I loosely followed this awesome Classic Apron tutorial from Michael Miller.  Since I wanted to keep the ruffle I just finished the bottom edge of the reverse side and then stitched around the remaining three sides as directed.  She was thrilled and I didn't have to feel guilty about throwing away fabric.

Now I can relax and enjoy vacationing with my family this Christmastime...  with a little yarn to keep my fingers busy;-)

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  1. I love the Winter's Lane sets so much. I hope they are all well received!