Monday, October 1, 2012

The Ghastly (cousin) It Bag Tutorial

This time last year I was getting ready to go to Fall Market so I made myself a Ghastlies bag to stash all my loot.  It was a huge hit!  This year Audrey asked if I would make her one and of course I said yes so I could share this tutorial with all of you:-)

Cut the following:
I fussy cut my Outside Back, Flap and Pocket pieces to best showcase The Ghastlies.  When planning where to cut remember you will lose about 2" at the bottom of the bag and 1/4" on the sides and top.

Bag Outside:
(2) 13" high x 17" high Exterior Fabric, Decor-Bond, Fusible Fleece
Bag Inside:
(2) 13" high  x 17" wide Interior Fabric
(1) 11" high  x 15" wide Exterior Fabric, Interior Fabric, Decor-Bond, Fusible Fleece
Outside Pocket:
(1) 8 1/2" high x 17" wide Exterior Fabric, Interior Fabric, Decor-Bond
(2) 3" x WOF Ruffle Fabric
(1) 6" x WOF Strap Fabric

Seam allowance 1/4"

Prepare your pieces:
I wanted a fairly stiff bag so I used both Decor-bond and Fusible Fleece.  You may choose to use either, both, or none.  Apply Decor-bond to the wrong side of the Exterior Front, Exterior Back, Exterior Flap and Exterior Pocket pieces according to the manufacturers instructions.  Then apply Fusible Fleece over the Decor-bond to the Exterior Front, Exterior Back, and Exterior Flap.  I did not add Fusible Fleece to the Exterior Pocket.

Make the Strap:
Fold the 6"x WOF piece in half lengthwise and press.  Fold the outside edges in to meet the pressed center line and press again. Refold on center line.  Topstitch down each side of Strap 1/4" from the edge.

Make the Ruffle:
Sew the ends of the two 3" x WOF pieces together to make one long strip.  Fold in half wrong sides together.  Set your machine to the longest stitch length and the highest (biggest number) tension setting.  Leaving a long tail on both ends, stitch 1/4" from the raw edges.  Stitch a second line of gathering stitches between the raw edge and the first line of stitches.  Hold the bobbin threads on one side of your strip and gently push the fabric towards the other side to softly gather your fabric.

Make the Flap:

Place Exterior and Interior Flap pieces right sides together.  Fold in half.  I use a plate to cut a gentle curve around the edge.  Unfold your flap pieces and fit the ruffle around the outside edge of the Exterior Flap.  You may have some extra ruffle at the top.  Baste the Ruffle to the Exterior Flap.  Place the Interior Flap right sides together on the Exterior Flap so the ruffle is in the middle.  Stitch around the sides and bottom of the Flap leaving the top edge open.  Turn Flap right sides out.

Make the Front Pocket:
Place Exterior and Interior Pocket right sides together.  Stitch along top edge of pocket.  Fold Interior Fabric to back and press.  Topstitch along top edge.

Assemble the Bag Exterior:
Place the Front Pocket exterior side facing up on top of the Exterior bag front also facing up lining up the bottom and side edges.  Baste the pocket to the Exterior Front.  Place the Exterior Front and Exterior Back right sides together.  Stitch across the bottom and down both sides.

Box the corners by matching the side and bottom seams to create a triangle.  Measure in 2 1/4" from the point of the triangle and draw a line.  Sew directly on the line then trim 1/4" inch from line.  Repeat on other side.

Turn bag right sides out and baste Strap to Bag Exterior at the side seams.

Baste Flap to back Exterior top.  Match edges of Flap ruffle to Exterior side seams.

Assemble the Bag Interior:
Place Interior bag pieces right sides together.  Sew along bottom edge and down both sides.  Box corners as you did for Bag Exterior.

Final Bag Assembly:
Place Bag Exterior inside Bag Interior with right sides together matching up the side seams.  Check to make sure that the Flap and the Strap are between the Exterior and Interior bag pieces.  Stitch around the top edge.  I choose to then slit the side seam of the bag Interior to turn the bag through but you may choose to leave a hole in the top edge for turning.

Turn bag through hole.

 Topstitch around top edge. 

Admire your new bag:-)

In gray... The bag that started it all!


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