Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm still recovering from the Boston Modern Quilt Guild retreat this weekend. This is definitely one of my favorite weekends of the year! You just can't beat 3 days of sewing with some of the most ridiculously creative and talented people around.  An unbelievable amount of sewing was done and I am still floating on the inspiration high!

It was tough but I did manage to stick with it and get all of the straight line quilting done on this quilt.  The binding is on and it's one movie away from being finished.  Some wine and great conversation definitely helped beat the boredom;-) 

Another highlight was getting to test out this adorable portable pressing table my fabulous friend and retreat co-chair Aimee made for me.  And since she's just one of those super-duper nice people she even put together this wonderful tutorial so you can make one for yourself. 

We finished off the weekend with a trip to Marden's to feed the stash.  I'm going to need several more sewing weekends to make a dent in this purchase but first I'll need to catch up on some sleep;-)


  1. So much fun! I really had more fun than I thought I would!

  2. I agree with Aimee, so much fun indeed. I'm also glad to see that your cart looked like ours did at Marden's (okay, mine might have been even more full, but who's counting). Thank you again for organizing. It was a blast.