Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Props to Aneela Hoey

I don't usually acknowledge the fabric designer on my quilts but in this case it seemed like a good idea.  I was happily tacking down the binding on this quilt when I got to this corner...

As my son said, "Oopsies for you!"  Indeed, another joy of quilting moment!!! 

One of the "challenges" of zigzag quilts made with this method is they are all bias and bias stretches...  in this case, right past my backing: (  Or maybe it was a basting failure.  No matter the cause, I had a gap between my backing and binding to deal with.  Had I thought of it sooner I might have made my binding wider.  Instead, some strategically applied selvedge to the rescue!  Twenty years of quilting hasn't taught me how not to make mistakes but I have learned to handle them gracefully; )


  1. Great fix. I've had that happen before. I usually add a label after the binding, so I just added my label to the gap that I had. 50 years from now I bet whoever is enjoying this quilt will love knowing the designer of the fabric.

  2. ooh - great idea! I would have just cried and called you for advice! : )