Monday, December 12, 2011

Cookie Time!

This week instead of quilting I've been baking cookies... lots and lots of cookies!  When my daughter was little we started having a holiday cookie decorating party where I would bake cookies and all her friends would come decorate them.  Nine years later it's an annual tradition and this year we welcomed over 100 of our friends to come decorate with us. 

Everyone always asks how many cookies I make.  I don't count but here's all the dough we made this year: 7 batches of sugar cookies, 6 batches of assorted gingerbread/spice cookies, a batch of chai cookies that didn't turn out at all, and these yummy brownie roll-out cookies from smitten kitchen.  I like to experiment with different flavors so there's an assortment of vanilla, citrus, and cardamon sugar cookies and ginger/spice cookies of varying intensities. 

Everyone also asks how I get my cookies so perfect... practice (and I have an ugly cookie bin for the rejects!)  Also, lots of flour!  I know that may result in a tough cookie but I need something kids can decorate and pile with frosting so a nice crumble isn't my highest priority.

It takes me all week but my elves also help.

When it's time to decorate we use cans of spray frosting and I have a huge collection of colored sugar and decorating sprinkles. 

To help contain the mess I have the kids decorate their cookies on a 9" paper plate.  Once the frosting is dry you can slide the plate into a gallon ziplock bag to transport their cookies home.

Hope your holiday is totally sweet!

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