Friday, July 29, 2011

Sewing with Audrey

Imagine my surprise when for Audrey's birthday, the day she gets to do anything she wants, she asked if we could sew a wallet together.  She'd gotten a FQ of Riley Blake's Feeling Groovy Peace Out as a bribe on one of our recent trips to our LQS and found Lola Nova's summer wallet tutorial.  For the pockets she mixed in some Jennifer Paganelli Queen Street and House by Annette Tatum from my stash. 

I'm not comfortable letting her use a rotary cutter so I did the cutting but she did all the rest herself.  It came out beautifully and is perfect for holding all the gift cards she received! 

I really should make more of an effort to sew with her but it tends to takes more patience on my part than I have.  Bunny Hill Designs has started a Sewing with Kids series so I think in the fall we'll try to join them, maybe with a few of her friends to keep me on my best behavior: )


  1. Audrey's a star! Rocking the braces! Love the wallet. Happy birthday!
    (p.s. Will you email me the name of the woman who teaches sewing in Acton?)

  2. Great job Audrey! I really need to teach my girls how to sew. I think I would need to take a valium first though...

    P.S. Will you do a blog post about your starching? Working with your blocks was a JOY with all the starch you use. What do you use, when do you starch, etc?

  3. Wonderful! This has put a huge smile on my face!
    Please tell Audrey that she did an amazing job, I am so tickled she chose to make my wallet. Thank you for sharing!